How Photography Changed Me

On March 23, I will be teaming up with lovely fellow pro photographer, Amanda Lessner Photography, and we will be teaching a basic digital photography course called MOM CAN SHOOT! Not only will this class teach the fundamentals of photography (including exposure, lighting, and composition) but we will cover how to achieve artistry and emotion in your images.

Teaching this class is so important to me for one simple reason; photography changed my life…for the better. It opened my eyes to so many things which I’d never much noticed before. Through my camera, I have witnessed so much beauty, joy, and wonder. Being behind the lens transformed even the mundane moments of my life—ones that on the surface never seemed that significant—into magical images that document my children’s youth.

I suppose what I’m really trying to say is that photography has taught me to pause and appreciate the beauty of a single moment in time. I am forever framing and composing images, even when my camera is nowhere to be found. Photography taught me patience. It taught me to revel in the details. It taught me to challenge myself…and to not be afraid to ask other people their stories. It gave me even greater wanderlust to travel to see the wonders of the world. It taught me to appreciate the quiet moments in all their spectacular natural glory! It taught me not just to freeze time, but to embrace and fully experience it.

So I’m teaching MOM CAN SHOOT and my hope is that besides our students having a downright fabulous time (because let’s face it, we are going to have a blast!) all our students will also walk away with the tools to henceforth document their beautiful lives, travels, children, and experiences. And don’t worry, Amanda and I will be keeping our eyes on all our graduates! We’re going to keep our private Facebook group going where we can continue to offer advice, critique, and encouragement to all our students’ photographic endeavors.

Who knew a little dSLR could unlock such potential? I certainly didn’t when I bought my first camera. But now here we are!  So come join us and let us help you start your own creative photography journey!

Email me at for more details or to register for our MOM CAN SHOOT course on March 23!


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